Easter Experience

Easter Experience


9.3 - 27.3

The Easter Experience is designed to fit in with the Year 4 scheme of work in Newham’s Religious Education syllabus ‘Why Easter is important to Christians’ (lesson 5 – what happened next).  


Pupils visit the church for a morning or afternoon. They are introduced to the church and props are used to aid pupils to complete a worksheet, or some churches perform a drama of Maundy Thursday/Good Friday.  The pupils then take part in a number of workshops. 


These include: how Christians around the world celebrate Easter, storytelling (the resurrection from the viewpoint of different eye witnesses), dance, music, model making, calligraphy, bell ringing, Easter gardens, Easter through food, and stained glass window painting; thereby giving pupils a variety of ways to explore one of the core Christian beliefs.


At the end of the visit the pupils come together for a ‘show and tell’ session, where the singing and dance is performed, and maybe a resurrection drama and the vicar/church leader says a blessing.