“Since the lesson a couple of weeks ago I have visited the local church school to see if they would like to partner up, but I will also approach a couple of other non-church schools to do the same. My vicar was initially worried about making sure we only worked with schools in our parish but my information from the training has made him reconsider this.”



“The experience for me opened opportunities to be able to approach schools with an option to deliver RS lessons as well as the standard CU or Prayer Space. Seeing how the team were able to hit the RS curriculum points, whilst still maintaining an accurate view of what Christianity really is, opened up pathways in my mind to be able to try and emulate that in my own context.”



“It has opened my eyes and I can see real possibilities for us to work in schools alongside other Christians and building the school and church partnership. I feel more empowered to do something of meaning and impact, and not just quietly hiding but openly in the light!” Jordi