Christmas Journey


Christmas Journey is a multi-sensory, interactive storytelling experience for Year 1 pupils, that links to the Newham Agreed Syllabus.

2019 was our most successful ever - hosting 30 local schools, across 7 churches and welcomes over 2000 pupils to discover the authentic Christmas Story and what Jesus' birth means to Christians as our King, our God and our Saviour, and God's greatest gift to mankind.


CJ 2020 Overview

We will be hosting a live online video event, supported by 3 pre-recorded interactive workshops so schools can participate in their classroom. All Live and Prerecorded workshops will be interactive and hosted by local Christians from their churches in your community.

All the usual workshops and learning content will be in place, only the format will be different.

There will be 3 sessions across the day, lasting for approximately 1 hour 15 mins. (2 x AM - 9:15 and 10:50 and 1 x PM at 1:00)

The session looks as follows (example session):

9:15 am  Live over Google Meets, classroom logs in.

Welcome by Church Leader; Introduction and starter by FiS

9:30 am - 10:12 am Prerecorded Workshops

Classroom access FiS Website for the 3 x prerecorded interactive workshops participating using the resources provided (or sourced by the school).

Pupils have approximately 12 mins in each workshop (including giving our resources and play/pausing each video), before moving on.

*Time-keeping here is essential to ensure all pupils enjoy the full learning experience

10:12 am Live Christmas Today workshop

Classroom rejoins Google Meets promptly for start of the Live final workshop 

10:25 am Live Plenary/character tablaux 

10:30 Church Leader Goodbye and Finish

Faith in Schools will drop off a box of resources 72 hours in advance (or if you prefer can supply a list for the school to gather) to be used by the classroom during the workshops.