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Lesson Resources KS1-2


Faces of Faith is a free online-film resource to support the teaching of the Christian faith at Key Stage One and Two. It includes 23 clips of children aged 5-7 and 7-11 talking about their Christian faith, on-line and ready to be used by schools.
Through the interactive use of age-appropriate video clips in their classroom, pupils in primary schools across the country can now see and hear a wide range of 21st century Christian children talk about their shared beliefs. 

The clips will support pupils' understanding and knowledge of the Christian faith. The films will support hard-pressed practitioners teaching about the Christian faith in a stimulating, child-friendly way; bringing the voice of real believers into every classroom.

Funded by the Jerusalem Trust and Transform Newham, Faces of Faith is an outstanding national resource that will support the teaching of Christianity within Religious Education. It reveals, through the words of children, the many things Christians share amidst the diversity found in Christian communities.

1. What is God like?

2. What do Christians celebrate at Christmas?

3. What do Christians remember at Easter?

4. Why is the cross special to Christians?

5. How do Christians remember Jesus' death?

6. Where do Christians believe they go when they die?

7. Why is your church a special place?

8. How does being a Christian affect your life?

9. Why is the Bible a special book for you?

10. How does prayer work?

11. What is the best/hardest thing about being a Christian?

Children were filmed from the following churches

All Saints Church of England, Forest Gate, London; Highway Church, Stratford, London; Christ Church, United Reform Church, Upton Park, London; Pilgrims' Hall Congregational and Methodist Church, East Ham, London; City Chapel, Beckton, London; Bonny Downs Baptist Church, East Ham, London; Our lady of Compassion Catholic Church, Upton Park, London; Salvation Army Church, Stratford, London

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