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Easter Experience

Easter Experience 2024 

12 & 13 March - Canning Town (includes Custom House & Royal Wharf schools) @ Cliff Walk Church

14 & 15 March - Stratford @ St Johns Church

18 March - Beckton @ St Mary Magdalene's Church

18 & 19 March - East Ham @ Pilgrims Way Church

19 & 20 March - Forest Gate @ Woodgrange Baptist Church

20 & 21 March - Plaistow @ Memorial Community Church

21 March - Manor Park @ Manor Park Christian Centre

This session gives Year 4 pupils an opportunity to learn 'How do Christians celebrate Easter?' - directly from local Christians from different denominations. 

Year Four Easter Experience – Programme & Session synopsis 


9:30-9:45/12:30-12:45 Arrival at main church (settle in, sort groups, look around) 

9:45-9:55/12:45-12:55 Welcome (teacher evaluations shared out) 

9.55 -10.00/12.55-1.00 Move to first workshop 

10.00-10:35/1.00-1:35 First workshop 

10.35-10.40/1.35-1.40 Move to second workshop 

10:40-11:15/1:40-2:15 Second workshop 

11.15-11.20/2.15-2.20 Move to main church 

11:20-11:35/2:20-2:35 Show and tell  

11:35-11:45/2:35-2:45 Conclusion (pupil and teacher evaluations handed in) 



Pupils and staff will have time to get into their groups and look around. There may be artefacts around the church for them to spot and music to listen to. SEN children who may need to touch or see these up close can move around with their supporting adult. 



Led by the Church leader & schools worker; pupils will be introduced to the themes of the event using an Easter Egg illusion. What do we know so far? What do we want to find out? 



(Pupils will have the chance to take two workshops each. See below for more about allocating the groups) 


  • Drama –children join in with ‘Whoosh’ method acting out scenes from the Easter Bible narrative.

  • Sing & Beats – Using a combination of singing and percussion, children interact with the sounds of Easter today.

  • Body Moves – Using physical actions & body shapes to express something of the joy of the Resurrection.

  • Banner – pupils use fabrics to create a heart and explore the theme of Jesus’ sacrifice and God’s love through art.

  • Stained Glass Painting – Pupils design an Easter-inspired “stained glass window” onto A6 acetate sheets.

  • Easter Gardens – small groups create own “natural” 3D Easter Garden scene with signs of ‘new life’.

Sounds great, how do I sign my classes up?

We have some dates confirmed with churches and are taking bookings/expressions of interest now on a first come first served basis - we would urge you to get in quick!

Book here or contact your local Schools Worker 

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