1. Do I need to be Newham-based?

No, the whole point of the programme is to share good practice nationally. The project rolls out to trainees across the country, starting with London and the South East in January 2019. However, if you’re based in Central, the North or South West get in touch as we can be flexible.

2. What are the costs? The training is free to the trainees and their associated church or charity. It is worth about £7,000 per trainee. Faith in Schools’ has been blessed to find generous funding partners including Jerusalem Trust and St Christopher’s. We do expect trainees and/or their organisations to commit to pay for their own travel and other expenses. In order to secure commitment for the year by the trainee and their church/charity advocate, we ask for a nominal £150 deposit which will be refundable at the end of the first year upon satisfying the Terms of Agreement* (see attached).

3. Do I need to be a schools’ worker already?

No. Our training is bespoke so we can cater for a wide range of needs, including those just starting out. However, our criteria would include some relevant experience and references from people who know you and support your application. You will need to sign an agreement where you commit to the year including undertaking a placement.

4. Is the programme only for those new to schools’ work?

No. As above, we want to support those at any level who want to develop their work with schools. This may include people who have a lot of experience with children and young people but want to start a new mission initiative with schools or want to improve what they already do.

5. Do I have to come to London for the research visit?

Yes – and you will be asked to sign an agreement committing to this. We feel it is a key aspect of our training package and will benefit all trainees individually and as a group. With only 1 overnight where accommodation is offered, we hope the inconvenience of travel is outweighed by the immersive learning experience.

6. Do I have to be a local mission partner with Scripture Union?

No. This opportunity is open to those from any Christian denomination or background with the support of their church. SFIS is an ecumenical project and our article of faith is the Apostle’s Creed. If you are happy with that, we are happy to consider your application.

7. Is this only for people wanting to teach RE lessons?

No. Teaching RE lessons directly is a great way to be in schools regularly but SFIS and good schools work is about much more than that. We exist to help groups and individuals with a mission to reach every children and young person to give them the opportunity to explore Christianity. Because children and young people are in schools most of their waking hours, they are a logical place to start. Over the years, we have helped groups with a focus on mentoring, drama, music and sport.

8. Do I need any qualifications?

No, but if you have any then great!

9. What qualifications do your staff have?

Alice and Rich are qualified and experienced teachers who are now active schools workers. Both have experience as trainers and mentors, in schools and in churches.

10. Will I get any qualifications after completing the programme?

No, but God will reward you in Heaven!