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“What’s the Point?”

Seeks to educate and empower young people to change the culture of youth violence.

Who’s it for?

Faith in Schools have run this project in 14 primary & secondary schools in Newham borough, since 2021 and reached thousands of local students and their communities. The project has given the core target group of 140 students the skills to save lives.


In 2023-24 we are set to reach another 1,200 young people and launch the project with another 6 new schools.

The course is self-selecting and peer led - all the young people and children who take part do so voluntarily.

What we do:

Over a number of weeks in the term, we work intensively with a small group of 10 participants in school. We bring in community visitors who have life experience of the impact of knife crime. They meet with the young people to share their stories helping them to work together for a common cause.

We recruit our visitors from the local community including ex-gang members and victims of knife crime. We also provide visits from positive local role models - entrepreneurs, musicians/performers, sportspeople etc - who can share about the consequences of their decisions growing up around gangs and knives.


The group also get the opportunity to meet and speak with police officers, paramedics and other members of the community. This gives them a broader understanding of the issues, helps build bridges and equips the students with life changing skills. One young person was able to prevent their friend from dying from a stab wound as a direct result of receiving first aid training on the course.

This course saves lives!


                                                 Yr 10 student 2019, LDEUTC

In 2021 Newham residents voted through the Community Neighbourhood Assembly to fund 'What's The Point' in Canning Town/Custom House schools. In 2022 they voted again for Stratford/West Ham schools. This year we have the opportunity to launch in a 3rd district of the borough.


What's The Point Jr (for Primary Schools)

Our pilot Primary project under development this year focuses on relationships and awareness of Knife Crime and Gangs. We aim to prepare children in Yr6 with the skills and confidence to be Influencers and Leaders in their peer group. 


To do this we explore how values underpin our choices and the consequences. The children will meet local visitors and hear their stories. They will think about who they want to be, and what decisions will secure their future, their safety, and the skills to get there.


  • Unhealthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

  • Positive Role Models & Resilience

  • Staying Safe

  • Leadership - Standing up/Calling out Bullying

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Knife Crime and Gang awareness

What is unique about this project?

The project culminates in an assembly to their peers in Yr6, with a follow up session for the schools to run with Yr6 to think about how this applies to themselves. We offer a n evening Zoom session with Yr6 parents to watch the assembly, working with home to reinforce the positive values and learning the children have presented. 

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