How to vote for us

We have the opportunity to deliver our knife crime project in another 6 Newham schools in 2022/23 - but we need your vote!

If you live or work anywhere in Newham you can vote for this project to happen in Stratford and West Ham. 

Have your democratic say over funding in the borough and do something awesome - help to save young lives and futures.

Voting is open 7th July - 24th July

See the guide below for a step by step walkthrough of how to help

Step 1:

Register on the Newham Co-create Portal 

Go to

Step 2:

Find the Community Assemblies 2022/23.


We are under "Stratford and West Ham Community Assemblies" coloured Red.

Scroll through and you will see 'What's The Point - Schools Knife Crime project'

WTP banner for NEwham_edited.jpg

Step 2:

You now have a virtual amount of money (£100k) to spend on the projects you like.


You can just allocate the £20k to What's The Point if you wish - that will help us out a lot!


Follow the instructions below and the video for step by step directions. 


Step 3:

Now pass it on - your family, your kids, your workmates, your churches - even your schools can vote for this!