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Assignment 1: Intro Video

Please film and send us a 1 minute video of yourself to introduce yourself to your fellow trainees and your mentor. This should include:

1. Who are you - not just your job role please.

2. Share your vision or what God has put on your heart about working with children and young people.

3. Describe your local context (ministry, who you are hoping to reach, what support you have, where is your church?)

4. Who has been the biggest influence on you as a young person - other than the Lord - and why?

Click on the link below for an example from Rich and Alice of an intro video:

You can also go to the 2019 Archive category to see some from our 2019 trainees:

When making and posting your videos please do try and keep to 1 – 3 minutes max. They can be a selfie on your phone and do not need to be edited, so please be yourself.

We would recommend you use to upload and link your video – so you may need to set up an account to post your video. Watch the ‘How To’ video instructions

You can set a password for privacy so only the rest of your Hub and Mentors are able to access it (see below*)

Post your Assignment 1 Video on the Blog for yourself!

* You will be asked to create several videos for assessment purposes across the year. We would recommend you upload them to Vimeo (via the app on your phone), and under the privacy setting ‘Password only’ If you need further advice or guidance, please email Rich.

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1 Comment

Jan 31, 2020

Praise the Lord I am able to navigate my way around, time to take on the world of FiS.... 1st training was super good, sorry I missed the practicals and sure it was fun...see you all soon. God bless!!!

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