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How To Videos

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

If you need some help logging into the Member's page, creating blog posts, uploading videos and other online stuff - you may find these walkthroughs helpful.

How To - Sign into the Members Area & Create a Blog post


How To - Post your videos into the Blog


How To - Upload your videos to Vimeo

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Mar 03, 2019

Evangelism or Religious Education?

During both experiences of helping and observing in a school environment, faith was shared by honest answers and questions. There was space for volunteers to chat in a relaxed environment to give answers to any questions that were asked; some questions from the children were thought out and others were more spontaneous! There was opportunity to say ‘this is what I believe…’ or ‘Christians believe…’

What surprised me about the children from a non-Christian school was the amount they knew already about Christianity. They already had some knowledge which was great to build on. Many children confidently asked questions, responding well to the fact that we were there. They were obviously used to group work and…

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