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25 FREE lesson kits and 100 videos from EYRS through to KS4

4 x Primary Packs 

  1. 5 lessons x EYrs
    (Xmas, Easter, Cross, Bible, Church/Make a church in classroom)


  2. 5 lessons x KS1
    (Yr2 Easter, Yr 2 Bible, Yr2 Parables, Yr2 Lent/Fasting, Yr1 Baptism/Belonging, Yr1 Christmas Journey)


  3. 5 lessons Lower KS2
    (Cross, Bible, W
    edding, Last Supper, Easter Experience)


  4. 5 lessons Upper KS2 (5+6)
    Inner Forces, Trinity, Life After Death


Secondary Pack

(ESCAPE ROOM, Yr7 KS3 Easter, KS3&4 Sin & Salvation/Intro to Christianity Baptism, Communion)

See examples below from the KS2 Yr5 Trinity lesson

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