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Assignment 4b

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

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Thanks so much for your encouraging comments.

I did have connections in the school already, a teacher who worked there was a member of the church. However i think if you have something that would benefit the school and is free they would love to chat with you. I was introduced to the head of RS through that teacher, so that may be someone to meet with.

I have some amazing volunteers - 2 in particular, one who runs Remind with me and one who helps with Alpha. I think sharing the vision with your volunteers, getting them excited about what God can do and how this could look, with their help, and discuss the bigger picture. Encourage and support…



TEST* Hi Sonia - looks like you can post comments again



Hi Sonia, well done! I feel less anxious just watching this and listening to your calm voice, so not surprised it has gone well with Remind.

You mentioned about having some volunteers who support you, which I know from experience can really make a difference - not just practically but also for prayer and encouragement. Could you share 1 top tip of how you were able to get people to come alongside and 1 way you show them appreciation?



This sound amazing Sonia well done! God is lining up the dots and bringing His light into the schools, opening new doors for you. It shows the power of word of mouth, for people to see the work you do and to commend it for its impact, it then grows and is fruitful. Its great that teachers are noticing it works and can see the change in pupils. So encouraging to hear how God is working in your ministry Sonia to speak about Jesus and I'm sure it will grow alot over time.

Question - How did you initially contact the school did you have connections already?



I think the biggest factor in the sucess of the school opening itself up to the project was the teacher who knew us, she recommended us to the school. It was also key to have something to offer that the school needed. The remind programme has been great and the school has seen improvements in students and therefore were keen for us to return.

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