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Sonia - Hub Assignment 3 - Strategic Plan

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Product – describe your service and how it meets a specific need or demand in your schools - This is what I want to do

To help young people with anxiety by running workshops to empower them and help them to manage their anxiety.

I have managed to get into a secondary school already and am on session 7 of our first course. It is going well with relationships growing between us and the school as well as practically helping a group of young people.

Price: what is the perceived value to the school – you must understand what they are looking for in what you are offering. - This is what they are looking for

Many young people have anxiety issues with the pressures of school/exams /life. We are offering to do this for free.

Promotion: How will you communicate your service offer to schools? What channels are available to you? Testimonials, building relationship and awareness of your service in the community, online and social media? - This is who I need to approach

A member of our congregation is a teacher at the school and is the contact point for us. She has arranged a room and arranged for us to go in and chosen students that need help and helped us connect with the inclusion team.

Place: Where you provide your service - This is where I want to be

In the secondary school - classroom

What is the motivation of the school – outstanding connecting with community, highlight OFSTED – or we need help with RE

What is your Unique Selling Point?

How are you different from what else is available? (Price; Better; Expertise; Effective; Partnership)

We are offering a free service, we have training and expertise in the field, we are available weekly (I have a volunteer who is also trained and available in the day), also previous youth work experience.

What is the geographic or institutional area you cover?

Sunbury area. There are 3 secondary schools in very close proximity to the church.

Who do you work with – primary service (like children/young people) and secondary (like church volunteers, teachers)?

Secondary school – volunteer youth worker and inclusion team

Are you on the front of a trend, is your service visionary - how?

Anxiety is rising in young people. Teachers are keen to help young people but don’t have the funding or resources. We can help with this and hopefully follow this up with support groups/relational work that will lead onto some intentional faith-based work.

Partnership Networks for Sustainable Support – who are your local and national potential partners?

Homework Hub Assignment 3: (Deadline Sunday 14th April - Due before the next 1-2-1 - w/c 15th March). Post the following to the blog:

Task: In your Pairs, Research your local Partnership Networks for Sustainable Support. Use Google Maps to locate and ‘pin’ your target schools, churches and partnership (eg, charities). Write up the Strategic Plan and discuss the opportunities and challenges of your potential Partnership Networks.

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