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Jordi's Blog Post Hub Assignment 2

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

The experience I had as a volunteer in the local Primary school was very eye opening and encouraging. I was able to share testimonies and my experience with God in my life before and after. We shared scriptures in the Bible which reflected Jesus character and who He is to us.

What surprised me the most was the energy and openness of the pupils, also the enthusiasm and freeness, but mostly it was the open door God had provided in the school :)

It has opened my eyes and I can see real possibilities for us to work in schools alongside other Christians and buidling the school and church partnership. I feel more empowered to do something of meaning and impact, and not just quietly hiding but openly in the light! Regarding reaching the 95% it has encouraged me greatly as God is moving on this generation (through youth workers, parents, families, and schools) and showed me what He is doing in schools.

I feel the possible challenges of using volunteers would be time and availability, planning and organising so they are not confused or left out. Also relationship ie. establishing clear roles so there is realistic expectations, they know what is expected of them and what they can expect from you.

THE BIG QUESTION Religious education vs Evangelism

Religious education is the teaching of a particular religion its beliefs, doctrine.. (according to Wikipedia)

I would also add, presenting these ideas to students so they can gain understanding and knowledge of these beliefs in a valid and accurate way. In every teaching and delivery of this knowledge it is always open to human opinion, both from the ‘teacher’ and the recipient of the information ‘student’. In some cases it can be presented without conviction/ faith or belief, and in extreme cases negatively. The aim should always be to deliver it with truth and sincerity. Not to manipulate or control. However I feel that the best teachers of a subject will be those who know it indepth, with experience. Just as we expect a maths teacher to know how to to all manner of mathematical equations and techniques and to know his subject accurately, or a car mechanic to know the inner workings of a car; we should also expect religious education to be taught by those who have intimate knowledge of the subject they are teaching. A Holy spirit filled Christian who knows the Bible is in a position to do that.

When Jesus Christ called us to preach the gospel He required no manipulation of the truth, persuasive tactics but simply to tell the truth of what He did and said, how He died on the cross and rose again and for us to share the good news of salvation to all, young and old.

In this case I believe it is evangelism too, but thanks to our Jesus He requires nothing of us but to tell the truth: of our testimony and the testimony of of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So relating back to the definition of Religious Education I mentioned at the beginning of this response we are teaching the beliefs and doctrine of our religion, Jesus, which also equals to evangelism like a two for one offer at the supermarket we fulfil both the educational requirement and the commission of our Lord Jesus Christ :) Only our God could do that.

I would say therefore for Christians Evangelism and Religious Education are 90% the same, however we may not be free in schools to pray for the sick or prophesy, or to have complete liberty for the Holy Spirit to operate in how He may more fully be able to in another setting. However for the purposes and setting which God knows it is very close and very effective in bringing Gods light and truth to his children.

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2 comentarios

07 mar 2019

Some great thoughts here, and wrestling going on with the terms. Like how you attached 'experience' and 'testimony' to the teaching and subject knowledge to rationalise it. The conviction that what is offered is truth.

Me gusta

04 mar 2019

Amen! I feel like the last bit of your response was a mini preach... where are the emojis on here? Thank you for your heartfelt comments, I was especially interested in the point you raised about how key it is that RE be taught well. Certainly, across the country, this is not the picture that Ofsted paints - and so a great opportunity for Jesus-loving Christians. Also a challenge because if we don't help schools to do this accurately and engagingly in our community, do we have the right to complain about what is being taught? As I passed one school's display board last week, they had a big 3D pancake pan under the title 'Christianity'...

One tip about working…

Me gusta
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