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Reduce Knife Crime 

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R U Serious about Knife Crime?


An appeal to the churches in Newham: will you commit to  preventing Knife Crime happening on your streets? 

Will you make this your priority?


We have been working with Newham Youth For Christ to run a Knife Crime Prevention project at schools in Canning Town/Custom House.


The project is proven to have already saved a life.

This individual knew what to do when he was stabbed to keep himself alive while help arrived.


To reduce the number of young people carrying knives and escalating violence, the project works with 30 influential young people.


They are given the chance to change the culture with their peers at school and in their friendship groups. Their learning using their own voice will have the opportunity to influence 1,000s in the borough. 


We know that children as young as 9 are carrying knives.

For various reasons. So, we are piloting a early prevention Junior Knife Crime and Gang Awareness project in 3 Primary Schools. 


This has only been possible thanks to funding from Newham borough, and the residents in the area who voted for this project. BUT for this project to continue or expand to equip more schools and make a difference.


  • As Christians, we have prayed about Knife Crime. 

  • Together, we have walked the streets in response to a knife attack. 

  • Will your church now commit to fundraise to intervene to prevent Knife Crime?

  • Or do you have a story to share and time to give that can change someone's mind/save their life?


Is this the opportunity you have prayed for? 

Contact if you or your church are willing to make the commitment. We can give you fundraising ideas and we will work to match whatever you give to save more lives. 


Peace. Justice. Hope.

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